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sympii - Use vocal variety Project your voice and...

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Group Symposium - Specific Guidelines The Delivery guidelines for the effective group presentation are basically the same as for individual presentations. There are, however, some specific tips that apply to working in groups. (See also TIPS sheet "To Insure Proper Speaking.") DELIVERY In your delivery you should be aware of the following: Posture Maintain professional posture Incorporate movement into the presentation Facial Expression Be positive Be enthusiastic and animated Movement and Gestures Use natural movement and hand gestures Eye Contact Look at the entire audience Begin your presentation with eyes looking at the audience Voice Speak in a conversational tone (never read a speech or presentation)
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Unformatted text preview: Use vocal variety Project your voice and articulate all words clearly Group Presentations When using PowerPoint, don't just read from the screen. Remember, speak to your audience, not your visual aid. Pay attention to what you are doing when you are NOT speaking. The group should be attentive to the person who is presenting. Practice effective group dynamics. Make sure all group members are properly introduced. Thank the audience for their time and attention. Visualize the entire "stage picture". Be aware of how the group looks to the audience. Plan the actual presentation "set up" ahead of time. Relax and enjoy the presentations!...
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