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Working In Groups and Teams 1. What were the names of the members of your group? 2. Explain the decision making process your group used to complete the exercises? 3. Did one particular member of the group emerge as a leader? 4. What were some of the different functions, or roles, which people in the group assumed? 5. What level of participation occured in the group? Did everyone participate equally? 6. What were some of the positive characteristics of the group? Negative? 7. What project was the hardest? Why? 8. Which project was easy? Why? 9. Which project did you enjoy the most? Why? 10. Discuss your group in terms of the following elements: Common goal or purpose
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Unformatted text preview: Interdependence Mutual influence Face-to-face communication 11. How much of the group's time was spent on the "task" dimension? How much on the "social" dimension? 12. The evolution of a group (orientation, conflict, emergence, reinforcement) can sometimes be referred to as FORMING, STORMING, NORMING, and PERFORMING. Discuss these concepts as they refer to your group. 13. When did your group become a team? What are some differences between a group and a team? What are some things which are alike? 14. What parts of this exercise would you repeat? 15. What parts of this exercise would you change?...
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