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TIPS To Insure Proper Speaking Plan, Practice, Prepare Plan your speech in plenty of time. (Don't wait until the night before.) Practice your speech out loud. (In front of friends, mirrors, sliding glass doors, dogs, etc.) Organize your notes and your thoughts. Step up to the podium with confidence. Get set before starting to speak. (Establish breath control before speaking.) Assess your audience. Establish contact with your audience. Begin your speech without referring to your notes. (Know what you will say first.) Maintain eye contact with your audience throughout the speech. Deliver your speech in a conversational tone. (DO NOT READ OR MEMORIZE.) Refer to your notes only occasionally. (Don't have eyes glued to notes.) Avoid verbal fillers such as: um, ah, you know, like, you guys, whatever. Maintain good posture. Avoid playing with things such as pencils, pens, hair, notes, etc. Don't chew gum. Remove hats. Speak loudly enough to be heard clearly. Articulate your words.
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Unformatted text preview: Care about your audience. What is their reaction? Focus on THEM not YOU. Use a spirited and enthusiastic delivery. Appear confident and relaxed. (Act "as if" you are, even if you aren't) Don't look at the floor, over the audience's head, or at the back wall. Use vocal variety, don't speak in only one tone of voice. Don't speak too fast or too slow. Pronounce all words correctly. Look up words you don't know. Don't call attention to your mistakes. Don't apologize if you "blank out" just try to keep going. Don't rush your closing. End your speech and then leave, don't pack up when you are still speaking. End your speech with a great conclusion. Don't fade out. Make sure the audience knows when your speech is over. Don't say "That's It" when you end your speech. Enjoy speaking. (It will show.) After you end your speech, have a slight pause (you might say "thank you") and then, and then only, progress to your seat....
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