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Com 135 Justin Foote Rhetorical Analysis I chose a speech given to the senior class at my high school, Saint Louis Priory, by its headmaster, Father Michael Brunner. The speech is over how the values of our nation have changed in the years since he was a child and how the morality of the United States has been declining. The speech was given by a man with a very interesting perspective on life. He grew up in the time before the U.S. became so sex crazed. He has watched our nation turn into the thing it is today. He is also a monk who at one point in his life had converted to Islam before returning to the Catholic Church. Because of this he has a deep understanding of how Muslims think and is very understanding of different religions and different beliefs. He worked as a hotel manager in many high end hotels and has seen first hand some of the depravity that now goes on in hotels and the like. Being a monk, priest and just an all around religious man, he takes morals very seriously and is frustrated with the nations morality. He gave the speech to a church filled with with students and faculty. The student body is entirely male, because it is an all boys school, between seventh and twelfth grades. The school is a small private school where the majority of the students are catholic or Christian so they hold the same moral beliefs as Father Michael. The speech was given after a few weeks after an incident that almost expelled a few students. The speech was given to both address this and comment on how now it is harder for kids to be moral because of what they are exposed to in everyday life. The high school has frequently been referred to as a “bubble” or “the LightSabre firewall protects you” (Brunner, 2010). Everyone is very similar and everything is very orderly and controlled.
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Rhetorical Analysis - Dan Croghan Com 135 Justin Foote...

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