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Coll Eng Wr 1 - Writing One for College English...

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Writing One for College English Instructions Write a summary paragraph six to eight sentences long on one of the two sections from the textbook reading “Toward Immortality: The Social Burden of Longer Lives.” Choose one of the partial topic sentences and complete it with a focused topic (marriage and family, or the workplace) and a controlling idea (how the section explains its topic), and then write a summary paragraph that covers the main points in that section of the reading: The section “Marriage and Family” discusses… The section “The Workplace” presents… Class time will be provided to begin writing your summary paragraph. You may refer to your summary outline of the reading section you chose to outline, but you must paraphrase and summarize the ideas from the reading, not just copy from the text. I suggest you write directly over the “Format Paragraph” template on the Cyber Campus and save the file under your name. This way, you will automatically have a correctly formatted paragraph for your paper. The typed copy of your paragraph
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