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Format Paragraph - receive double-spaced papers which can...

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How to Turn in a Nice Final Paper The last important part of writing a college paper is typing the final draft according to the format required by the class. Although different professors may have different requirements for a final paper, most have similar expectations of what is needed for a quality final product. For instance, instructors may require a specific font type such as Times New Roman or Courier . Font size is typically between 14 to 16 for the title, and 11 to 12 for the body of the text of your paper. Every professor expects to
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Unformatted text preview: receive double-spaced papers, which can be set in the paragraph part of the computer menu [h (P)] before you start typing. If you write more than one paragraph, remember to indent the next line. In conclusion, a nice, clean final copy looks organized because it IS organized, not only through the ideas and structure of writing, but also in the paper’s appearance according to the specific formatting guidelines. Course: Class: Prof. A. Davis Name / ID # Writing # 1...
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