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Peeping Tom Journalism Summarizing activities: 1. Look at paragraphs 1-4. Why does the author tell us the story in paragraph 2? What lesson do we learn in paragraph 4 about what to report or what not to report in a news story? 2. Look at paragraph 5. What is the difference between news reporting in the past and today? What is one reason given to explain the difference? 3. In paragraph 6, according to the writer when does the public have a right to know personal information about a public figure? 4. In paragraph 7, what pressure made news anchor Peter Jennings eventually
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Unformatted text preview: report the Gennifer Flowers story on ABC’s “World News Tonight”? 5. In paragraph 8, how does the editor of the Los Angeles Times defend the purpose of reporting any story that is well known? 6. In paragraph 9, does the author believe that celebrities should expect to be viewed closely by the media? 7. What do the examples in paragraphs 10 and 11 have in common? (What point is similar between the two people?) 8. In paragraph 12, what do you think the writer’s answer would be to the first and second questions? 1...
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