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Sample summary - economically Another researcher Than...

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A Summary of “A Doubled LifeSpan” The section “A Doubled Lifespan” introduces the idea that readers should seriously consider the effects of living twice as long. While the author Ker Than accepts the idea that most people could imagine the personal benefits of living longer (pars. 1-2), he offers two opposing views on whether or not a doubled lifespan may help society. Than presents one researcher who states that living longer will be a definite benefit to society in many ways (par. 3), both socially and
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Unformatted text preview: economically. Another researcher Than presents argues that living longer will not help us solve today’s biggest problems, such as war and poverty (par. 4). Than ends his introduction with the reading’s overall thesis that increasing the human lifespan will have huge effects on society as a whole (par. 5). Course: Coll. Eng. Class: 10098-31 Prof. A. Davis Davis, Anthony / 007 Writing 1 1...
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