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Note taking questions for video 2: “News Radio Is Here to Stay” 1. According to the video, how many hours does WINS News Radio broadcast the news each day? How many days a week does it broadcast the news? 2. What has been the New York radio station’s goal since 1965? 3. According to the video, besides up-to-date news and information, what other kinds of news does the WINS radio station provide? 4. How many people tune into (listen on the radio) WINS news every week? 5. What information about the radio station’s average listener helps the radio
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Unformatted text preview: station decide what kind of stories to air (to use on the radio)? 6. The radio station leads (begins) with what kind of story at the top of (at the start of) each hour? 7. The station plays what other kind of news on a regular basis? 8. According to the video, the radio station manager is not worried about other outlets for news. What are the two competing outlets mentioned in the video? 9. According to the radio station manager, what are four advantages in listening to the radio that keep 99% of Americans listening each week?...
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