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Vocabulary Quiz for “How Smart Is Smart” and “Toward Immortality” A. stagnate B. attributed C. vie D. interact E. wary F. infusion G. resemble H. capacity I. apply J. exhibit K. trick L. radically M. point out N. tricky O. overtaxing P. evaluate Q. dominated R. mastered S. perceive T. notions 1. Monkeys and apes __G_ each other in a general way, except that monkeys have tails and apes do not. 2. Learning from books becomes practical knowledge when we are able to __I__ what we’ve learned to everyday situations. 3. The earthquake and ensuing tsunami will __L__ change Japanese society. 4. The nation’s leaders are concerned that rapid urban growth will reduce available farmland while __O__ the country’s local food sources. 5. People often have __B__ thinking to computers, but today’s computers are still merely
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Unformatted text preview: rapid calculating machines. 6. One should be __E__ about news articles claiming new diet successes because often such claims are just unproven forms of advertising. 7. Both Jack and Tom send Jill flowers and candy as they __C__ for her affections. 8. People with lung cancer often __J__ signs of poor health, such as chronic coughing and chest pain, long before they are fully aware that they are sick. 9. Although there may be many factors such as environment and genetics that contribute to living longer, doctors like to __M__ that a healthy lifestyle has the greatest effect. 10. Although women are being promoted at the company, its top positions are still __Q __ by men who are unqualified for the job....
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