Evolution and Behavior (Exam 1 Notes)

Evolution and Behavior (Exam 1 Notes) - 09-16-09 :...

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Background Earth: 4.6 Billion years old Followed by weeding out period Large scale diversity in life Our species as we know it is predicted to be 100,000 years old Scope: we can see the process of evolution within our lifetime Not a theory as much as it is a way of talking about changes that occur in species Weeds How does selection for Herbicide Resistance Occur? Herbicide Sprayed --> Resistant Plant survives and sets seed --> Herbicide is used on weeds with more resistant plants --> Eventually majority restraint Charles Darwin Features that are more valuable and more useful are passed on Natural Selection: differential survival of the members of a population Opportunities to "pick" from the menu of options For selection to " work" there must be variation Natural selection was extrapolated from what was going on right in front of Darwin, artificial selection Darwin and Artificial Selection Darwin noticed that features of plants and animals were being selected in the breeding of animals and horticulture If man intervened on the build of a bulldog, this was not natural , but artificial selection Darwin suggested that if humans could select features that would become more likely (a wide frame, stronger horses), then this might be possible naturally , without human intervention On The Origin of Species Published in 1859, this book laid out Darwin's key findings (know the date of publication) He was extremely resistant to publish his findings He was very ill and did not attempt to write for those 20 odd years He also feared the reaction he would receive He also wanted to gather additional evidence Why it took so long to publish Origin Darwin however, collected enormous amounts of data to support his claims
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Evolution and Behavior (Exam 1 Notes) - 09-16-09 :...

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