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Exam 3 - True_False Practice - • Generalization Testing...

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IN concurrent chains, pigeons prefer free choice to forced choice FALSE: Concurrent schedules consist of two or more schedules that alternate, each in the presence of a different stimulus FALSE: The reinforcing effect of a discriminative stimulus depends mainly on whether it is informative FALSE: A behavior synthesis of natural foraging uses second-order schedules FALSE: Inverse chaining decrease in responding during extinction, increase in responding reinforced separate stimuli.
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Unformatted text preview: • Generalization Testing necessarily uses an extinction schedule • FALSE: In concurrent performances, increase in the reinforcement of one response raises the rate of other responses • FALSE: In concurrent performances, increases in the reinforcement of one response have no effect on the rate of other responses • FALSE: Human situations discussed in terms of self-control rarely involve different consequences that are pitted against each other. • T/F Exam 3 Page 1...
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