IS303 - Test2 Review

IS303 - Test2 Review - IS 303 TEST #2 Review Terminology 1....

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Unformatted text preview: IS 303 TEST #2 Review Terminology 1. Above-the-fold- For webpages, the area that appears in the first screenful when a person loads a page; the part of a web page that can be seen without scrolling 2. Alpha Channel – an additional eight bits used with each pixel in a 32-bit graphics system and can represent 256 levels of translucency in an object 3. Anthropomorphism - attribution of human motivation characteristics or behavior to inanimate objects animas or natural phenomena. 4. Bit Depth - The number of bits used to hold a pixel. Also, called color depth and pixel depth. The bit depth determines the number of colors that can be displayed at one time. 5. Chromosteriopsis Effect – a phenomenon of visual perception. Different wavelengths of light focus at slightly different depths in the eye. Thus it is difficult to focus on an image that combines two colors because each color is fuzzy when the other color is in focus. 6. Color- the visual effect that is caused by the spectral composition of the light emitted, transmitted or reflected by objects. 7. Color Blindness – an inability to distinguish certain color combinations. To avoid problems for users with color blindness make sure that color is never the sole way of distinguishing objects. Never expect users to be able to name colors or recognize a color by name. Use differences in brightness to make colored regions distinct, and test your interfaces in grayscale to confirm that they are still usable. 8. Color Gamut - the entire range of colors available on a particular device such as monitor or printer. A monitor which displays RGB signals has a much greater color gamut than a printer which uses CMYK inks....
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IS303 - Test2 Review - IS 303 TEST #2 Review Terminology 1....

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