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1. What are the 6 goals of HCI? List and define each one. (1) Safety - safety of users (systems such as air traffic controls) and safety of data (file protection) (2) Utility - services the system provides (3) Effectiveness - the amount at which a user can carry out the desired goal (ability to accomplish a goal) (4) Efficiency - how quickly a user can carry out the desired goal (measure of how quick) (5) Usability - how easy system is to use and learn about (6) Appeal - first impressions, long-term satisfaction 2. Which are benefits of Usable Websites? (1) Gain a competitive edge (2) Reduced development and maintenance costs (3) Improved productivity (4) Lower support costs 3. What is the purpose of the Needs Analysis?
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Unformatted text preview: The Needs Analysis summarizes the purpose (and nature) of the system you plan to develop. It describes the system, people who will use it and its benefits. 4. What is the purpose of the User and Task Analysis? User analysis characterizes the people that will use your website (it includes age, education level, etc). Task analysis looks at what type of work those users will do on your website. It looks closely at the user's goals, what they want to accomplish when visiting a site like yours. 5. What is the purpose of the Requirements Analysis? The Requirements analysis describes the formal specifications required to implement any system (the need-to-have's)....
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