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University of Maryland Baltimore County IS 403 User Interface Design: Spring 2011 Project Project Information You will be expected to create a working website as your cumulative project for this class. The website will need to be HTML based. Additional multimedia may be included, but is not required. Below are the project milestones, which include due dates, processes, and the deliverable expected. The syllabus also contains the dates that the project milestones are due throughout the semester. Paper deliverables should be submitted online via Blackboard, with the exception of Story Boards and Presentations. All deliverables must have a cover page. The cover page must have your name, the name of the assignment, the due date for the assignment, and your email address. The final projects will be submitted as both a presentation to the class, and a final project report. The presentation consists of 15% of your grade and the final project report, which includes the working website, will consist of 40% of your grade. Reports and Written Deliverables Format: Unless otherwise specified, all deliverables must be printed with one inch margins, double- spaced, on 8.5x11 inch paper using Arial or Times New Roman font, and be no smaller than 12 point. Page numbers: All deliverables must have page numbers on every page. Proofread your work: Carefully proofread your work prior to submission. Points will be taken off for spelling, grammar and structure errors. Citations: Always give appropriate credit whenever citing or quoting existing work using proper APA format. Also include appropriate references in proper APA format.
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Project Milestones 1. Analysis and Requirements Due 02/16/2011 Process: 1. Perform a Needs Analysis to define the purpose of the website. 2.
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SP11_IS403_Project - University of Maryland Baltimore...

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