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First Part of the Semester (about 33% of the final): Delay transmit delay - Delay that measures the time it takes for a packet to be “pushed” out from a source. propagation delay – Delay that measures the time it takes for a packet to propagate (go from source to destination) delay * bandwidth product layering, why & how – layering allows us to examine complex systems in a more structured way. It separates services of layers in a service-model. The DNS UDP – connectionless (no handshake), used by DNS. TCP connection management – 3 way handshake flow control – sending/receiving rates compared. Sender maintains receive window. congestion control – Infinite buffers, finite buffers, hopping causes congestion. - End to end congestion control (increase or decrease send rate depending on traffic present in the connection)
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Unformatted text preview: reliable communications UDP & TCP: ports More recently (about 67% of the final): subnets & CIDR Classless Interdomain Routing (IP is divided into two parts) DHCP & ICMP-DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol o Allows a host to obtain (be allocated) an IP address automatically-ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol o Used to communicate network layer information to each other (hosts) o Used for error reporting NAT-Network Address Translation allows for private network and private network addressing inside a router. Router runs its own DHCP Server. IPv6 LANs Wireless LANs-Infrastructure: all traditional network services are provided by the network to which a host is connected via the base station-Ad hoc: wireless hosts have no such infrastructure with which to connect...
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