MGMT210 - Chater 3 - Outline

MGMT210 - Chater 3 - Outline - customers and labor...

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Chapter 3: The Environment and Corporate Culture The External Environment Organizational Environment - all elements existing outside the organization’s boundaries that have the potential to affect the organization (Competitors, resources, technology and economic conditions) - General Environment (outer layer): the layer of the external environment that affects the organization indirectly (social, economic, legal/political, international, natural and technological factors) o Increases in inflation rate or percentage of dual career couples in the workforce - Task Environment: the layer of external environment that directly influences the organization’s operations and performance (competitors, suppliers,
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Unformatted text preview: customers and labor market)-Internal Environment: the environment that includes the elements within the organization’s boundaries (current employees, management, and corporate culture) General Environment-Outer layer of the environment-Influences organization over time, but not day-to-day transactions it has-Dimensions: o International: portion of the external environment that represents events originating in foreign contries as well as opportunities for US companies in other countries. o International, technological, sociocultural, economic, legal-political and natural....
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MGMT210 - Chater 3 - Outline - customers and labor...

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