MGMT210 - ExamReview#1

MGMT210 - ExamReview#1 - Exam Review MGMT 210 Exam#1...

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Chapter l: - Difference between effective and efficient o Effective – meet the goal o Efficient – use fewest resources to meet the goal - The 4 functions of management o Planning – Identifying goals for future organizational performance and deciding on the tasks and use of resources used to attain them. o Organizing – allocate resources (people, technology, limited time and money) and assign tasks. o Leading – use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organization’s goals. o Controlling – monitor employee activities, keep organization on track towards its goals and make corrections as needed. - Management Skills o Conceptual – vision of how things fit together; see organization as a whole (Top Level) o Human – work with and through other people (All Levels) o Technical – perform specific tasks (Lower Level) - Management Levels o Top Level – responsible for entire organization and 3-5 years out in planning (i.e. CEO, President, Chair) o Middle Level – responsible for major departments and plans 1-2 years ahead (i.e. Project Leader) o First-Level – person who is responsible for the production of goods and services (i.e. Department manager) - Difference between functional and general managers o Functional – responsible for a department that performs a single functional task and has employees with similar training and skills o General – responsible for several departments that perform different functions (i.e. Project Manager) - Managing in times of crisis o BE: Calm Visible Put people First Tell truth Know when to get back to business Chapter 2: - Understanding the various Management perspectives/approaches o Classical Scientific Management (Frederick Taylor) – change management to improve productivity; 1 best way to do things = efficiency. Gilbreth’s – had 12 kids, studied how long it took to get ready
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MGMT210 - ExamReview#1 - Exam Review MGMT 210 Exam#1...

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