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MGMT210 - ExamReview#2

MGMT210 - ExamReview#2 - Exam Review MGMT 210 Exam#2...

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Exam Review – MGMT 210 – Exam #2 – Chapters 7 – 12 Chapter 7: - Types of grand strategies o Grow Business – add different products, merger’s/acquisition’s, geographically expand o Stabilize – go on hold/pause for a while (esp after an acquisition) o Retrenchment – sell off parts of business - Types of global strategies o Globalization – same product everywhere (be the same) o Multi-domestic – customize product for separate places o Transnational – keep some products, add/customize some - Levels of strategy o Corporate – whole business (what business are we in?) o Business Unit – how do we compete o Functional – within each department, function should support goal - Competitive strategies o Differentiate (products) o Cost o Focus – focus on particular niche/people (i.e. Retirement Communities) - SWOT o Strength (internal) o Weakness (internal) o Opportunities (external) o Threats (external) - BCG Matrix and associated grand strategies o Boston Consulting Group Look at notes, matrix on side Chapter 8: - Programmed vs non-programmed decisions o
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