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MGMT 210 - 101 HW #2 – 09/07/10 Generation Y, the Millennial Generation, the youth of the workforce and the soon to be power- houses of business bring forth their expertise and individualism into corporate America. Each generation is uniquely built on its own traits – Generation Y members for example, are not afraid to speak their mind. They may question their other-generation bosses, seemingly inappropriate in their eyes. Per the article, Generation Y workers also have high expectations of themselves; they set high goals and expect to attain them, efficiently. They also hold high expectations of their employers, in some ways contradicting with their other-generation bosses’ and in other ways helping them set higher goals as well. As with all things in life, though more materialistic towards Generation Y, learning is an ongoing process which
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Unformatted text preview: swells into our character. For Information Systems majors, learning is a daily tool, since technology is rapidly ever expanding. Finally, Generation Y boomers want to take immediate-responsibility. Although this could be done in haste and backfire, one of the strong points of allowing a Generation Y member to take responsibility would be their goal-oriented mindset. They will multi-task and get their work done to meet the set goal and will settle for nothing else. The Generation Y may come out as “strong-headed” and “over-confident” but those qualities are backed up by their sense of direction; going towards the goal and learning about it on the way....
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