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“The environments in which businesses operate are increasingly dynamic, requiring managers to be ready to react and respond to even subtle environmental shifts.” Such shifts are as large as Ferrari’s installation of 1,075 solar panel modules at a production plant in Italy. But the kind of shift this change is categorized as is quite straight forward. General Environment changes affect the organization indirectly, whereas Task Environments have a direct working relationship with the organization, among them customers, competitors, suppliers and the labor market. In Ferrari’s decision to “go green,” they have made a change in the General Environment of the business; particularly, the Natural dimension. They have decided to invest in cleaner technologies (even within their cars) and have hence been trying to meet the needs in the natural environment that come from other sectors, especially from consumer concerns. Additionally,
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Unformatted text preview: they claim to have planted over 200 trees throughout the campus, trying to ease environmental activists’ minds. Although government regulations in the United States place heavier boundaries on emissions and hazardous pollution by automobiles, Ferrari has gone beyond passing the regulations and have tried to quell consumer concerns on the how “green” their cars are. A sports car that’s better for the environment? Ferrari is definitely headed in the right direction. This would strike a huge blow to competitors Lamborghini and Lotus, as they provide the same thrill of sports cars, but in a less “green” way. Ferrari has also reduced energy costs by installing these solar panels in the plant and can use the extra money to further invest in the cars or hire more employees. Naturally, this is one change that will push Ferrari in the right direction....
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