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MGMT210 - HW5 - MGMT 210 101 HW #5 09/15/10 Ethical...

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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #5 – 09/15/10 Ethical Dilemmas It is often hard for a manager to determine what is “right” and even more difficult to put ethical behavior into practice. A manager’s ethical orientation often brings him/her into conflict with people, policies, customers, or bosses. Consider the following dilemmas. How would you handle them? Write a brief response justifying your answers to each of the questions. 1. A well liked member of your staff with an excellent record confides to you that he has AIDS. Although his illness has not affected his performance, you’re concerned about his future health and about the reactions of his coworkers. You a. tell him to keep you informed about his health and say nothing to his coworkers One of the main responsibilities of a manager is to accept whatever condition your employee has, health or emotional. Although you are concerned about the future health, it is important to keep his spirits up and just tell him to personally come to you with updates. This is NOT something you should disclose to coworkers. 2. During a reorganization, you’re told to reduce staff in the department you manage. After analyzing staffing requirements, you realize the job would be
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MGMT210 - HW5 - MGMT 210 101 HW #5 09/15/10 Ethical...

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