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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #6 – 09/21/10 Watching all these videos from entrepreneurs made me think of my ideas for the business I had in mind. I’ve always wanted to open up a chain of restaurants, yet I have always been warned about failure. I think the main message in most of the videos I watched was perseverance. You can never try enough, you should experiment with life! If you fail, then you must pick up and start all over again. Thomas Edison failed over 5,000 times before accomplishing his great inventions. Jim Dyson, founder of the vacuum cleaner giant, Dyson, said he had failed 5,128 times before releasing his first vacuum to the United States consumers. The main message in entrepreneurship is dedication and passion, even when you fail, you have to be
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Unformatted text preview: able to pick yourself up and start over again until you get it right. But, successful and dedicated entrepreneurs often address problems that we face today (i.e. fuel). An idea for the “green” initiative would be a solar powered car. Although we have electric cars, they still use up a lot of electricity when needed to charge – therefore, solar power could enrich the power from the sun and put a stop to pollution; and relinquish the need to plug the car into an outlet to charge. This would be a great innovation to pursue, and it will face a lot of failures on the way to success/perfection....
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