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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #8 – 10/05/10 Play or Stay? 1. Who do you believe will be concerned about the decision? Who will need to be involved? The Director of Athletics, Provost and the Office of Institutional Advancement will be most concerned with the decision. The players and the coaches will need to be involved, along with the University Health Services. 2. What are the immediate concerns of students? Parents? Administrators? Students need to know that they will be protected against any H1N1 outbreak and that their performance in school and athletics will not be affected by it. Parents and administrators also have the same concerns for the students; they have to be ok when playing and after playing. 3. What is your decision?
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Unformatted text preview: What factors are influencing your decision? If questioned by those who disagree with you, how will you defend the decision you made? I would let the players play the game. Although students on both campuses have exhibited flu like symptoms, none of the players have been affected; they should be safe to play each other. The busses full of students would have to take their own precautions and stay as much germ-free as possible. If questioned, I would bring up that the H1N1 is just a scare and not confirmed yet. In addition, there have been two large donation prospects from the area that have been invited, whose monetary assistance would be a great help to the university’s athletic programs....
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