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MGMT210 - HW10

MGMT210 - HW10 - receive tax rebates and the Environmental...

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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #10 – 10/12/10 Managerial Change The article I found was about Porsche going green. In this day and age, the environmental regulations are ever changing, in a strict way; therefore, companies need to adapt their original product line to match the needs of today. Porsche, known for its sporty vehicles, has been working vigorously to introduce a hybrid Cayenne to keep customers happy and its business line economical. With the introduction of the hybrid, sporty Porsche lovers would be happy to
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Unformatted text preview: receive tax rebates and the Environmental Regulations would be abided by. This change of production is respectively, a product change; a change in the organization’s product or service outputs. With the introduction of this new hybrid, Porsche puts itself atop the luxury sports cars’ category and gets a vote of confidence from “go green” enthusiasts....
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