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MGMT210 - HW11 - at higher than expected levels. Not only...

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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #11 – 10/14/10 Human Resource Management This article I found was published on the 12 th of October by and talks about the pay-for-performance climate that Callidus Software has been cited and praised for implementing. Although this is not an issue, it is a current practice, and an extremely effective one at that. It creates a rewards and incentives program where employees that perform to a grade higher than their salary’s worth would be monetarily or incentively rewarded. Callidus manages over $50 billion worth of compensation and incentives for this type of management. This practice creates a harder-working environment in the company and urges employee’s to perform
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Unformatted text preview: at higher than expected levels. Not only does this boost company culture, it boosts company revenue when efficiency and effectiveness are both utilized, the company surely wins. And when two employees that have equal salaries end up making different amounts, its a winning situation for the employee that works harder. Why should he put in more effort than his colleague when they make the same amount of money? Pay-for-performance eliminates these difficult work prowess differences and instead allows the harder working employee to shine with compensation. Is this a win, win situation? I think so....
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