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MGMT210 - HW12

MGMT210 - HW12 - unnecessary disestablishment of morals...

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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #12 – 10/19/10 Managing Diversity The article I chose has to do with a group of women suing CitiGroup, Inc. against gender discrimination. Diversity takes many forms, where in it could mean in terms of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. This issue has to obviously do with gender diversity, which CitiGroup has found itself in a bad way with. The suing party talks about how CitiGroup had discriminated against hiring women with the same terms and conditions that men had access to. They had also found out that when recessionary woes caused CitiGroup to lay-off a tenth of their employees, women were primarily targeted. Any type of discrimination against diversity causes an
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Unformatted text preview: unnecessary disestablishment of morals. People will think twice before buying from a company that discriminates, it has been thought to be morally wrong. Although we as individuals do discriminate on a daily basis, mass discrimination in the labor force is frowned down upon. In addition to a tarnished name, the business would face large financial problems, in terms of court settlements. You can rarely win a case against discrimination; it is a serious and unethical offense. So to avoid all this, diversity is the best way to go. In addition, the more diverse the business, the more diverse ideas it may receive; good ideas are always beneficial to a business....
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