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MGMT210 - HW17

MGMT210 - HW17 - 2 Jamie Williams Jamie does a great job in...

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MGMT 210 – 101 HW #17 – 11/16/10 Team 5 – Status, Evaluations Project Status – We have completed our second interview now also, finished reviewing our transcript and are continuing work on the paper. 1. Melinda Rielly Melinda checks on us every once in a while, early in the week before class, to see what our individual statuses are and reiterates deadlines.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Jamie Williams Jamie does a great job in putting everything together. He takes all our information and puts it into “readable” format. 3. Eric Hoffman Eric is usually the first one to turn in his stuff! When things need to be put together, he is the first to hand it in; always on time! This is a great team!...
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