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HW 1 - PHYS 121_FAI]8(SOLUTIDNS FOR#HWI Motion of Two...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 121_FAI]8(SOLUTIDNS FOR #HWI) Motion of Two Rockets Two toy rockets are traveling in the same direction (taken to be the x axis). A diagram is shown of a time-exposure image where a stroboscope has illuminated the rockets at the uniform time intervals indicated. A raw-:0 rm raw: I'm-3 rat-4 r=5 arm-9M affine-"m new «platinu- -v arm- rfl an-m flfi=n wh- 49th- =0 r==l r=2 r=1 r=4 r=5 i m At what time{s) do the rockets have the same velocity? Answer: At some instant in time between t=l and 1:4 Hint: We know velocitv= distance travelled .1“ time taken. Since in tirne interval between t=l and t=4 both the rockets travel same distance, the velocity is same. At what time(s) do the rockets have the same .1: position? Answer: At times t=1 and i=4 Hint: From the figure it is clear that at t=1 and t=4 both the rockets are at same position ie. Same x coordinate. ...
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