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PHYS 121 4 CREDITS Introductory Physics I Instructor: Lili Cui Fall 2008 MWF 8:00-8:50 AM 1 SYLLABUS COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is the first semester of the introduction to classical physics. This course focuses on mechanics. COURSE GOALS ± Understand basic concepts and ideas in Classical Mechanics ± Develop critical-reasoning and problem-solving skills ± Prepare for the following courses PREREQUISITES You must have completed MATH 151, or be enrolled in it this semester. INSTRUCTOR CONTACT INFO Dr. Lili Cui Office: 321 Physics Bldg. Phone: (410) 455-2535 Email: lili@umbc.edu OFFICE HOUR TuWTh 2:00 PM-3:00 PM, and other times by appointment. Room 226, Physics Building REQUIRED TEXTBOOK & OTHER MATERIAL Physics for Scientists and Engineers , by Randall D. Knight, 2 nd edition Tutorials in Introductory Physics , by L. C. McDermott and P. S. Shaffer, 1 st edition Mastering Physics: Available at UMBC bookstore and online CPS RF Response Pad: Available at UMBC bookstore COURSE WEBSITE You can access the course site through Blackboard. I will put all my teaching materials in this website. After log in myUMBC, click on the “Blackboard” tab and then click on “FA08_PHYS121” in the “My Courses” area. Click on the “Blackboard Help” tab if you have trouble using it. Please contact UMBC office of Information Technology (OIT) for assistance with computer problems. You are required to logon to the course website at least once between lectures . You are responsible for all content delivered via Blackboard. You will use the website for: Accessing course materials: syllabus, schedule, lectures notes and etc. Checking the course Announcements. Checking the Points that you have earned in the course so far. Interacting with the instructor and others online using Discussion Board. TEACHING ASSISTANTS Paul Corbitt (0101, 0104, 0106) pcorbi1@umbc.edu Joel Coley (0102,0103,0105) jcoley1@umbc.edu GRADER Bijay Manandhar mbijay1@umbc.edu
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PHYS 121 4 CREDITS Introductory Physics I Instructor: Lili Cui Fall 2008 MWF 8:00-8:50 AM 2 POINT ALLOCATIONS Type of Assignment Maximum Points Clicker Participation 20 (5.00%) Discussion Section 40 (10.0%) Homework 40 (10.0%) Exam 200 (50.0%) Final Exam 100 (25.0%) Total 400 LECTURES Your participation (not merely attendance) in the lectures is required and will account toward 5% of your course grade. You will participate using a response system (clicker) to respond to multiple-choice questions that I ask during the class. You need to bring your clicker (with good battery) to every class. If you miss one lecture, you are responsible for finding out what was done. I will post my PowerPoint slides on Blackboard the night before every lecture. You should print them out to take lecture notes on if possible.
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08FallPhys121Syllabus - Introductory Physics I Instructor:...

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