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SCI100 - Annotated Bibliography - SCI 100 Nov 8, 2010...

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SCI 100 Nov 8, 2010 Annotated Bibliography 1. Choi, Sangdun. (2007). Introduction to Systems Biology. New York: Humana Press. There is a lot of viable information in this book. The most important thing to consider in this book is the makeup of an ecosystem. It all starts with water and how salinity levels in the water affect the type of organisms that can live there. The author completely draws examples of estuaries, such as the Great Salt Lake, to analyze the difference in that ecosystem compared to the ecosystems of other places. Specific, concise and information filled, this book is a great source. Why? Because it draws upon many of the things we have already done in class before. Especially the comparisons on the Great Salt Lake, those were quite similar to what we had done. The best part about this book is, with the information about the types of inhabitants each ecosystem has; we can determine what kind of organisms we can find, by testing the salinity. Each area at UMBC may have a different salinity level, thus enabling to have a diverse organism threshold. 2. Garnier, Josette, Billen, Gilles, Nemery, Julien & Sebilo, Mathieu. (2010). Transformations of nutrients (N, P, Si) in the turbidity maximum zone of the Seine estuary and export to the sea.” Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 90(3), 129-141. This was quite a confusing, yet packed, journal article that provides a lot of useful
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SCI100 - Annotated Bibliography - SCI 100 Nov 8, 2010...

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