The Released - Sociological Analysis

The Released - Sociological Analysis - Sociology 101...

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Sociology 101 – Cousin-Gossett Extra Credit due: Nov. 24 th , 2009 “The Released”: A Sociological Analysis Today, US prisons host over one million mentally ill inmates, a vast majority of whom will be back in correctional facilities within eighteen months of their release. Surprisingly, I had previously assumed that mentally-ill criminals were staged in mentally-ill hospitals and not prisons. Deinstitutionalization is the process by which long term mental institutions are replaced with short-stay communities to treat illnesses and eventually “free” occupants with the assumption that they will convey self-treatment of an illness. In analysis of this video however, mental institutions are represented by prisons where inmates receive proper mental sickness treatment and are awarded “freedom” after serving a sentence. Typically, prisoners released early are released on parole, with someone supervising their actions. Parole officers guide these ex-prisoners to perform correct duties and help transition them into normal community, keeping medical treatment active. Those that are lucky enough to be accepted into group homes enjoy the same freedom and trained staff in continuous administration of medication, and
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The Released - Sociological Analysis - Sociology 101...

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