Exam 3 Review Questions

Exam 3 Review Questions - _ transmission sends bits one at...

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Sheet1 Page 1 __________ transmission sends bits one at a time using a single transmission line. During half-duplex transmission, sender and receiver exchange roles after a(n) __________ is transmitted. __________ econdes data by varying the distance between wave peaks within an analog signal. A(n) __________ coverts a digital signal to an analog signal so that digital data can be transmitted over analog telephone line s In synchronous data transmission, a(n) __________ signal is transmitted continuously during periods when no data is being tr a __________ cabling meets an industry standard that specifies four twisted wire pairs and can support data transmission rates u The __________ of a sine wave is measured in Hertz. A local telephone grid uses __________ switching to route messages from a wired home telephone to the local telephone sw i t Most networks use __________ switching to send messages from sender to receiver. In __________, a bit is appended to each character or byte and the bit value is determined by counting the number of 1 bits. A(n) __________ signal is a discrete signal that can encode only two possible values. A(n) __________ wave carries encoded data through a transmission medium. With parity checking, sender and receiver must agree whether error detection will be based on __________ or __________. The __________ of a channel describes the mathematical relationship between noise power and signal power.
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Exam 3 Review Questions - _ transmission sends bits one at...

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