project2 - W plot(y,V hold on%plot(y,M'r,xlabel'wing...

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function[] = project2() f %Knowns % hb=1540; %half span b=hb*2; Wg=350000; %gross weight of aircraft n=2.81366; %load factor n %linear case % y=[0:1540/2]; V=-1278.94+1.66096.*y; M=0.138414.*y.^3; M %ellipse % W0=814.196 W2=sqrt(W0.^2-W0.^2*y.^2./(hb).^2); W %Average case % W0=994.973 W3=1/2.*((W0).*(1-1./hb.*y)+sqrt((W0).^2-(W0).^2.*y.^2./(hb)^2));
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Unformatted text preview: W plot(y,V) hold on %plot(y,M,'r',xlabel ('wing span (in)'),ylabel ('lift (lb)')) hleg1=legend('linear','elliptic','average') title('Lift vs wing span') grid on hold off %axes('position',[0,0,1540,1278.94]) %...
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