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URP6271 – Customizing Planning Information Systems HOMEWORK #1 : Coordinate Calculator Due : Check the calendar on the class web site Points : 15 Create a new ArcGIS project. Name it yourName_hw1.mxd . In the map GUI have a new button next to the Save button. When clicked on, the new button should open a dialog as shown in figure below. The user should be able to input coordinate values in degrees, minutes and seconds and the calculator should convert the coordinates in decimal degrees when clicking the >> button. The calculation should be based on the formula: DecimalDegrees = Degrees + (Minutes/60)+(Seconds/3600). The ‘About’ button should display author information. ‘Quit’ should close the dialog. Form Formatting: The shown dialog dimensions are: Width = 452 and Height = 134. However students are free and encouraged to reorganize the dialog in a different layout. The dialog should include an image (an example is shown above) to make the design more interesting. The image contents should relate to the dialog function.
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