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University of Florida - Department of Urban and Regional Planning URP6271 – Customizing Planning Information Systems (section 4277) TOPICAL OUTLINE AND CALENDAR WEEK DATE CLASSROM HOMEWORK QUIZ PROJECT Lecture/Lab Assig Due Assig Due 9-Jan Class Introduction. Overview of GIS software functionality and Graphical User Interface (GUI). Simple interface customization. 1 12-Jan User interface - introduction to forms and controls 16-Jan Holiday - no class 2 19-Jan Forms and controls, textboxes, labels and buttons. Class exercises Hw1 23-Jan Insertion of GIS problem logic into the computer program: conditional processing; More on controls, User- interaction: input boxes; Class exercises 3 26-Jan Lab Hw1 30-Jan Representing GIS information: data types and variables. Problem solving with efficient code: functions and subroutines. Class exercises. Hw2 Quiz1 4 2-Feb Lab 6-Feb Functions and subroutine continued. Handling potential errors, debuging tools. Class exercises.
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Unformatted text preview: 5 9-Feb Lab 13-Feb Classes, objects. Introduction to ArcObjects and Object Model Diagrams Hw2 6 16-Feb Lab 20-Feb Maps and Layers. Controlling program flow: automating repetitive GIS steps using loops; Class exercises. Hw3 7 23-Feb Lab 27-Feb Workspaces, tables, adding layers and tables to map. Class exercises 8 2-Mar Lab Hw3 Quiz2 6-Mar Working with GIS attribute information tables, fields, queries. Class exercises. 9 10-Mar Lab 3/13 -3/17 Spring Break 20-Mar Attribute and spatial GIS selections/queries. Class exercises. Hw4 Prj. 2 10 23-Mar Lab 27-Mar Spatial GIS queries with topological operators. Class exercises. Quiz3 11 30-Mar Lab Hw4 3-Apr Special topic Prj. 2 12 6-Apr Lab 10-Apr Project work 13 13-Apr Project work 17-Apr Project work 14 20-Apr Project work 24-Apr Final project presentations Final 15 27-Apr Final paper and project files due at 4:00pm Paper...
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