Chapter 30 fin 3055

Chapter 30 fin 3055 - Chapter 30- Employment law -an...

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Chapter 30- Employment law -an employee at will can be fired for a good, bad, or no reason at all Employee at will- A worker whose job does not have a specified duration National Labor Relations Act NLRA Board to enforce laws Bargain in good faith Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA 12 weeks of unpaid leave for birth, adoption, medical, must have worked 1 year at least COBRA 18 month health insurance after leaving job Common Law Protections Wrongful discharge- An employer may not fire a worker for a reason that violates basic social rights, duties or responsibilities. Ex jury duty, refusing to break the law Tort law Defamation- liable when employer gives false references about employee Qualified Privilege- employers are liable for false statements that they know are false Whistle blowing Whistleblower- Someone who discloses wrongful behavior Protected under False claims act Civil service reform act Sarbanes Oxley act 2002 Workplace Safety Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA -safe working conditions, employers keep records of injuries
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Chapter 30 fin 3055 - Chapter 30- Employment law -an...

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