soc 3324 chapter 6

soc 3324 chapter 6 - Chapter 6- Social Process Theories...

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Chapter 6- Social Process Theories -Examine the interpersonal actors in a person’s life who have an influence on attitudes and behavior -Micro explanation theories= focus on small social settings and situations Assumptions 1. Behavior is learned, not inherited 2. Behavior is leaned in social settings 3. Attention should be focused on what a person does, not what a person “is” Dynamic- explanations view behavior in terms of actions and reactions Differential Association Theory Edwin Sutherland” -Peer relations- focuses on peer relationships and friendship patterns 9 propositions 1. crime is learned 2. criminal behavior is learned in interaction 3. part of learning occurs within intimate groups 4. when criminal behavior is learned, techniques are learned and direction is learned 5. specific direction of motives and drives are learned from legal codes 6. person becomes delinquent because of excess definitions of law 7.associations may vary in frequency, priority 8. learning criminal behavior involves all mechanisms in normal learning 9. not explained by general needs and values 1-2= identify theory as learning 3-4=outline social context in which learning occurs -close personal groups are called primary groups 5-6=learning of crime is based upon definitions of law as favorable or unfavorable 7-8=certain conditions and characteristics of the basic notion that delinquency is learned in groups -associations formed early in life are stronger than ones formed later
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soc 3324 chapter 6 - Chapter 6- Social Process Theories...

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