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soc 3324 chapter 8

soc 3324 chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Schools and...

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Chapter 8- Schools and Delinquency -Negative experiences at school can lead to significant disaffections with school and peers at school -Significant relationship between academic performance and delinquency -low academic performance tends to be more involved in delinquency -Low academic achievement is a source of frustration (Hirschi) -low academic achievement can lead to rejection of school and values (cohen) -low achieving youths are targets for gang recruitment (cohen) -Attachment- emotional connection between young person and meaningful people -the less one is attached to school through peers and teachers the more likely to be deviant -positive attitude toward school= over come delinquency factors -academic performance is negatively affected by individual traits that limit attention and behavior regulation, thus contribute to low academics and delinquency (Hirschi) -low self concept leads to delinquency Tracking= placement of kids in school to achieve goals like college -students placed in noncollege tracks will be labeled as less intelligent, less popular -long term results of dropping out School Dropout and delinquency -2005= 7% school dropouts age 16-19 -minorities have the highest dropout rates among youth Kids count- one fourth of high school student dropouts were unemployed for at least a year
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  • Spring '08
  • high school student, Veronia school district 47j, Ed of independence school, -low academic achievement

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soc 3324 chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Schools and...

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