Soc 3424 chapter 14

Soc 3424 chapter 14 - Chapter 14- Police and Courts Police...

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Chapter 14- Police and Courts Police -First police force was established in London in 1829 -US first was in 1830’s in New York, Boston -40,000 police departments throughout US -divided into 3 areas -political- discretion used by police to enforce laws and standards for youth -reform- concepts such as professionalism and prevention of crime (law enforcement) -community strategy- attempts to integrate the police into community activities -role of police= law enforcement, order maintenance, service -making investigations and arresting -keeping the peace, prevent crimes -aiding those in difficult situations such as emergencies -family, community, school initiated Processing cases -option is to obtain basic information about the case and the suspect and to release the suspect -Station adjustment -fingerprints are destroyed when the youth reaches 18 -fingerprints for juveniles may not be used as evidence in court Specialized juvenile units -educated in matters concerning child development and delinquency as well as laws and procedures The Court System -80 percent of juvenile court referrals have come from the police - independent juvenile court- relations court -designated juvenile court- district court -coordinated juvenile court- coordinates with other courts, family court 1. Intake hearing -determine merits of the case, determine to dismiss the case or handle it -Informal probation -continued monitoring -divert- move the case to another agency - petition - formal charge against juvenile (complaint) -Child abuse Guardian ad litem= defense attorney 2. Detention hearing
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Soc 3424 chapter 14 - Chapter 14- Police and Courts Police...

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