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Chapter 1- Responsibilities of unions and management Labor Relations Process - managers and union representing a bargaining agent for the interest of the group Interest Dispute - dispute over what terms or conditions of employment or work will be Rights Dispute - disputes over interpretation or application of contracts terms Work Rule - placed in two categories, rules governing compensation and rules specifying the employees and employer’s job rights and obligations Manager - represent the interests of the ownership as well as own self interests Union Representative- elected by members to represent their employment interests Dual Loyalty- employees are treated with this because they demonstrate loyalty to the employer and union Third Party Neutral- (mediator/arbitrator) - final, key participant in the Labor Relations Process Mediator - supplied by the FMCS, used to help resolve interest disputes during contract negotiations. Not
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Unformatted text preview: binding Arbitrator- hired by union and management to make final and binding decision on a disputed issue Economy- indicating movement among such quantitative indicators as inflation, unemployment, and productivity Labor Market- skills, wage levels, and availability of employees Product or Service Markets- Company either sells or purchases key elements required for production of its product or services Financial Market- employers seek to borrow funds to finance their investment strategies Technology- most immediate and persistent influence on the creation of work, 4 dimensions Union Density-the proportion of total group. Comprised of union members is one measure relative to union strength Employment a Will- permits employers to discharge an at will employee at any time for any reason...
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