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mgt 3344 chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Labor relations in the...

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Chapter 13- Labor relations in the Public Sector Federal labor relations authority (FLRA) - independent neutral agency that administers the FLRP and investigates ULP’s Federal service impasse Panel (FSIP)- provides assistance in resolving negotiation impasses Exclusive recognition - to a labor union if the union has been selected as the employee’s representative in a secret ballot election by a majority Works to rule- employees follow the agency’s rule to the letter Sovereignty Doctrine - makes it difficult to delegate decision making authority to specific administrative officials Multilateral bargaining - state and local levels, describes the involvement of multiple parties in the collective bargaining process End run bargaining- public sector unions, before after and during, a direct appeal to a legislative body who has the final decision making authority Sunshine laws- efforts to open up the bargaining process to citizen observation and participation Fact finding
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  • Spring '11
  • Trade union, United States Postal Service, decision making authority, Federal Labor Relations, labor relations authority

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