3 - The end of the Cold War 1. Strains in the Communist...

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The end of the Cold War 1. Strains in the Communist World Tough US/Carter response: 79-80 i. Econ sanctions ii. Boycott 1980 Olympics iii. Shelving of the SALT II Treaty iv. Aid flows to the Islamic Rebels- e.g. Afghan freedom fighters=Muj. a. Moscow’s Vietnam: Afghanistan i. Soviet troops occupy the main cities, but the Mujahideen control the villages and countryside ii. Soviet troops conduct “search and destroy” missions, w/ lil success iii. Soviet client regime in Kabul loses support of people iv. Many soviet soldiers return home addicted to drugs (opium poppies flourish in the mt. of Affghanistan) b. Revivial of the nuclear arms race in Europe 1979 i. SU began to deploy the SS-20 intermediate-range missiles, which was mobile (transported on trucks) targeted at NATO Europe ii. Euro-missile Crisis 79-83 i. Speaking for the Euro NATO leaders, W German Chancellor Schmidt complained that the SS20 gave Moscow a decisive advantage in “theater” nuclear weapons ii. Negotiations were held b/t US and Soviet delegates. USSR refused to remove missiles, demanded that Brit and French nuclear forces to be included. US refused, claiming that it couldn’t negotiates on behalf of allies. Deadlock 1983 iii. NATO’s response 1983: ground-launched cruise missiles and Pershing II ballistic missile c. Labor and Religions In Poland 80-81 i.
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3 - The end of the Cold War 1. Strains in the Communist...

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