7.25.11 - determination Gorbachev re-orientates the soviet...

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7/25/11 détente – peaceful coexistence  I. Intro: Evaluating the End of the Cold War The Remarkable Nature of the End II. Levels of Analysis and the End of the Cold War Problems of Systemic Level o Difficulty Explaining Change Can’t explain the Soviets so called “unrealistic” behavior;  Survival is key so why would an entity purposefully  commit suicide? o Soviet Union’s “Unrealistic” Behavior National Level o Shift form Ideology to System Success the end of the CW was due to the failure of the Soviet  system esp. the economic spheres Emphasis on Individual Level o Prominent Role of Individual Actors Reagan: largely responsible for the end of the cold war;  he pushed through his foreign policies and forces the  Soviets to negotiate and reform their own system;  Benefit: policies showed they had some efficacy, new 
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Unformatted text preview: determination; Gorbachev: re-orientates the soviet security; shifts to negotiation; he is willing to work with Americans; “w/o Gorbachev and his policies you don’t get the end of the CW; ← ← III. Perspectives on the End of the Cold War • National Level Factors o US and Successful Containment The Soviets couldn’t compete because they were stretched too thin and got rejected by local entities. o USSR and Communist System Collapse Impact of Mass Mobilization o Individual Level Factors Reagan Foreign Policy Gorbachev Foreign and Domestic Policy perestroika – restructure the society glasnost – political system had to be opened up; people should be free to voice their opinions...
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7.25.11 - determination Gorbachev re-orientates the soviet...

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