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In this book John tells us about the new generation of Cold War synthesists using archival material form the Soviet Union the Warsaw bloc, China, and North Korea in addition to much Western material hitherto shut away. He modestly confesses that he himself relies on secondary sources here instead of direct archival access and he specifies and recants errors in his book for example on the outcome of the Cuban missile crisis. In this book john progresses from the last years of World War II through the Cuban missile crisis, moving back and forth through these years subject bu subject: World War II settlement, rival empires and ideologies, nuclear arms, Germany and the Third World. Unfortunately instead of increasing the detail and intensity of the analysis as it approaches the collapse of the Soviet Uniion he breaks off in the mid 1960 and end by laying out guidelines for a New Cold War History. The 1970 and 1980 are barely
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Unformatted text preview: mentioned for example, the Reagan administration is relegated to a noncommittal sense. This organization grows out of johnls latest interpretation of the Cold War. According to him communism collapsed because of internal contradictions between authoritarianism and capitalism. In here “Reform intended to restore competitiveness shattered authority both internally and within the international communist movement” (191) This explains that john did not reject the role of leaders indeed the errors of Stalin loo large in explaining many of the West ern successes for more than once his measures brought about the very effects they were intended to avoid. Also the rest of John’s analysis is mostly devoted to diplomatic strategy and manipulation military advances and ideological friction. If communism was doomed to fail it was apparently pushed to its doom bu the actions of Soviet and Western statesmen....
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