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Final Study Guide last - GOV 312L Russian-American...

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GOV 312L: Russian-American Relations Review Sheet for second mid-term exam LOOK AT THE WHOLE DOCUMENT—Almost everyone has more then 1 assignment. Please email me back by Tuesday or Wednesday at like 5 and I will email it to everyone. Study Questions: 1. Is there (or should there be) some measure of agreement between the values that govern domestic and foreign policy? Given the difficulties of achieving security in an anarchic world, do authoritarian systems (dictatorships) have an advantage over democracies? If so, why? Yes there is and should be some measure of agreement between the values that govern both domestic and foreign policy. Since politicians are often guided by broad ideologies, it makes sense that they are aligned. For example, politicians that believe in free trade and the virtues of free markets and capitalism domestically, will likely support foreign policy that encourages the spread of these values to countries that don't experience the positive consequences associate with. The foreign policy is a means of which to expand and put into practice the values, that have been cultivated in the domestic realm. Considering the an anarchic world, Authoritarian systems have both advantages and disadvantages over democracies in the realm of security. The primary advantage dictatorships have in the realm of security, is that they do not have their hands tied, and are capable of making unpopular decisions that they perceive as needed. For example Russia is able to counter terrorism more effectively because they can engage on the potentially brutal strategy of threatening the families of supposed terrorists. Not only do Authoritarian systems have broader options with regards security options, because they are not constrained by popular opinion, they can implement security strategies and protocols much more rapidly than democracies. In a democracies the more important the policy, the more deliberations and debate that is expected to occur prior to the implementation of security programs, in Contrast with dictatorships that can act more rapidly and enact security policies with little or no deliberation. The ability of dictatorships to act with a broader array of options, and more rapidly affords them an advantage. Furthermore by their nature Authoritarian systems are able increase their security, in troubled times because they are more closed society. With less freedom of speech and no representation, authoritarian governments have the capacity to Lock down society, and implement martial law in the time of Crisis. While Authoritarian governments have clear advantages in the capacity to implement security policies and control society in a crisis, they do have a disadvantage over democracies in that they are as a whole more likely to be threatened by terrorists and or separatist groups. In an Authoritarian system, groups of people that are not satisfied with the Status quo, lacking means of
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Final Study Guide last - GOV 312L Russian-American...

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