Gorbachev - Overview From Yesterdays Lecture Essay need to...

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Overview From Yesterday’s Lecture Essay – need to have an introduction paragraph with a thesis. May use “I.” If you are going to argue Gorbachev, you need to discuss Reagan and the strengths and weaknesses. In the counter argument, tie in your argument and how it is better than the counter argument. A good paper will address that your approach has a weakness. What explains the end of the Cold War? How it happened? And why it happened when it did. Reagan strengths – correlation of events – SDI, Reagan Doctrine…weakness: Soviet Union had options, they didn’t have to do what they did and Gorbachev was a key actor in the events. Communist system fails strengths: power to the people, popular mobilizations and the soviet union did leave on their own accord, raised the banner of democracy, once the coercst stopped being coerst weakness: reforms came first. The people didn’t go to the streets and then there are reforms, the reforms came first. The reforms gave them the right/green light to organize in the streets. Containment: correlation of events is the strength, weakness: doesn’t explain why 1989? Gorbachev: correlation of events is the strength, weakness: After the Cold War, the US and USSR have an identity crisis. They had spent so much time trying to defeat one another. Focusing on Reagan yesterday: the 70s were not a good time for America. First term Reagan is the harsh, crusading anti-communist and he does this through a number of things: rhetoric – calling them an evil empire, arms build up (both conventional and nuclear weapons), SDI is part of this arms build up – it was a plan to put satellites in space to shoot down an incoming missile, he also instituted the Reagan Doctrine, which is going to provide covert and overt aide to anti-communist guerillas. It was a way to Roll Back the Soviets and to exploit the growing animosity towards the Soviets in the Third World. There are problems: amping up in an already tense situation, the arms build up
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Gorbachev - Overview From Yesterdays Lecture Essay need to...

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