lecture 10 - I Perspectives on the Post-CW world a The new...

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I. Perspectives on the Post-CW world a. The “new world order” i. Initial euphoria: E. Europe stopped being a Soviet sphere, Soviets ceased to exist into a number of free new states that proclaimed democratic ideals and market economy. WANT to be integrated with the west. ii. US is the only power in the world with the means to enforce its will. (Nye: hard and soft power). Germany/Japan rising hegemons lacked something still. iii. Tianmen square: showed China as dangerous adversary, but maybe “new world” wouldn’t be as rosy ppl thing iv. Did US win the CW? Communism is discredited, democratic states world would be an inherently peaceful world bc they depended on each other v. Gulf War: Hussein (Iraq) vs Kuwait. US DOES invade and shows US’s overwhelming technology (first revealed). Shows the world that US is the big player, no one has this power. ONLY SUPERPOWER. (Systemic theorists a little disqualified). Also finally erased stigma of the loss of Vietnam War. vi. Yugoslavia/Somalia were all falling apart and showed that US technology sometimes doesn’t matter. b. Rise of new/old threats i. Ethnic conflict: US will confront this in post-CW world. A lot of war in Former Soviet Republics between countries. (Predicted) 1. Theory: wars driven by ethnic differences. History of shared grievances binding them together, shared enemies. Autocratic system puts a lid on all of these differences but when lid is removed, these conflicts boil over 2. The most violet countries are those democratizing states, especially multi- ethnic countries. 3.
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lecture 10 - I Perspectives on the Post-CW world a The new...

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