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MD Take-Home Essay

MD Take-Home Essay - Government 312L Russian-American...

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Government 312L: Russian-American Relations TAKE-HOME ESSAY ____________ _______________________________________ After another long night of studying for this course you again find yourself in a bar trying to forget about US-Soviet relations. However, you quickly realize that the obnoxious two gentlemen sitting next to you are none other than Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. They are having a very intense discussion. Both are claiming credit for ending the Cold War. You decide to intervene to settle this dispute before it turns ugly. Write a 5-7-page paper explaining the end of the Cold War. Using both lectures and readings, give a coherent and concise argument on what you think are the main causes of this historic process. In your essay address the following question: What is the relative influence of systemic factors, national factors, and the actions of individual leaders in explaining both the end of the Cold War itself and the manner in which it ended? What was the relative influence of the United States and the Soviet Union?
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