Review for second midterm

Review for second midterm - GOV 312L: Russian-American...

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GOV 312L: Russian-American Relations Review Sheet for second mid-term exam Study Questions: 1. Is there (or should there be) some measure of agreement between the values that govern domestic and foreign policy? Given the difficulties of achieving security in an anarchic world, do authoritarian systems (dictatorships) have an advantage over democracies? If so, why? 2. What is the central tension between security and liberty in democratic countries? Should the U.S. suspend or compromise its fundamental principles when conducting foreign policy? If so, why? If not, why not? 3. What were the four main ethical dilemmas for U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War? Which elements of democratic governance did these four instruments of US Cold War foreign policy compromise? 4. What problems does the systemic level face in explaining the end of the Cold War? What developments do the national and individual levels emphasize in their explanations of the Cold War? 5. Did American foreign policy push the Soviet Union to reform? If so, was Reagan foreign policy or the cumulative effect of American containment policy more influential? Can and should they (containment and Reagan FP) be differentiated? 6. What was the most important factor leading to Soviet adoption of an accommodationist foreign policy (New Thinking) -- the domestic crisis facing the Soviet Union or Gorbachev’s interpretation and reaction to his domestic and international surrounding? Can and should they (Soviet domestic crisis and Gorbachev) be differentiated? 7. Compare and contrast Ronald Reagan’s first term as president from his second term. How did these changes affect the perception of Reagan’s role in ending the Cold War? 8.
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Review for second midterm - GOV 312L: Russian-American...

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